Anti-Bullying Week 2016

Anti-Bullying Week 2016

Every child in school has focused this week on anti-bullying.

Our learning culminated in a special assembly that was supported by Ann Foxley-Johnson – anti-bullying ambassador.

Children wrote poems, developed empathetic thinking, wrote diary entries and lots more.


Here I am saving lives,

There’s no need to fear.

If I feel danger is near,

Bat girl will be here.

I am partners with Superman,

Come and watch us make a plan.

Soaring through the night sky,

Villains will have to say good bye.


I will come and save the day,

Soon they will have to pay.

As the danger comes here,

Cat Girl will be near.

I will save you from all trouble,

Even if I get in a muddle.

Swooping through the sky,

Like a bird flying high.

Even if my dreams don’t come true,

I will still believe in you.

Even if I’m late for tea,

I will release the hero in me.


Here we are at Bramley Sunnyside,

Trying to make some changes.

So don’t fear; 6WB is here.

To keep you from dangers.

In class we promise to try our best,

Even in the dreaded SATS

Watch us revise, work hard and learn,

As we wear our learning hats.

To my friend I’ll be so kind,

Offering a helping hand,

We will stick through thick and thin,

So we earn our learner band.

Today is our day to make the world shine,

Are you using your powers?

Because I’m using mine,

Change the world!

Do you think we could?

Of course

Let’s keep using our powers for good.



Power for Good

I have the power to make things right,

I have the power to turn smiles bright,

I have a choice just like you,

How to be and what to do.

My attitude can make you smile or cry,

My thoughts can make you run away or try,

So conquer your fear and make a friend,

And put this nonsense to an end.

We all know that we could,



I am Power

I have the power to help and hurt, where ever I am I make a difference.  

Good or Bad?

You decide.

I can make people think they are amazing and I can make people think they are terrible.

However, I still can’t control it.

Only they can.

I try to be good; but still it doesn’t work.

What would you do?

I know what I would do.




I can’t be Superman

Because I’m afraid of heights

I can’t be Spiderman

Because I’m afraid of spider frights

I cannot be Hulk

Because I’ve simply not got bulk

I cannot be Flash

Because I am not fast

I cannot be Batman

Because I cannot flap man

I cannot be Iron Man

Because I am not a techno fan

I should not be all of these because I can be me



Power for good – Superhero

I am power, I am not easy to see but I see everything.

I have a special mask which gives me eagle eyed vision, so I can see who needs my help.

I have swords of faith, which can help people to believe they can lead a better life.

I have a bag of forgiveness so help people make friends and become happy.

I have a special phone to call help when needed.

I have many things that give me power for good.

We are all superheroes

We all have the power to:

*make a friend

*create a smile

*forgive and forget

*help others

*be responsible

and most of all create ‘good.’














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