Picture This

Picture This

May 16 Picture This in 3F
May 16 Picture This in 3F 1

May 16 Picasso inspired art in 3CD 2

Children across school are working on the Picture This project as part of the Rotherham Children’s Festival 2016.

The exhibition opens at Magna on Monday 13th June 2016 at 4pm and is open till Friday 8th July 2016.

May 16 Picasso inspired art in 3CD

A Y3 child even completed Picture This related home learning.

May 16 3CD creative hmk 1


Week beginning 16-5-16

Let's Learn Together

Year 3

Next week year 3 will be continuing our Picture This project. This week we have completed some outstanding learning for our display. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are looking forward to finishing our display.

The children in Y3 have completed some amazing homework based on this project too so well done!

In numeracy we will be exploring addition and subtraction problems and extending our written method learning so we can apply it.

In writing lessons we are continuing with our biographies based on famous artists.

We are working hard with our times table practice and need to remember to practice these at home too.

Year 4

Next week in Y4, we’re continuing our fabulous fact finding about mountains and the people who live in them. As this week was so busy, we’ve moved our learning about the Adi people to next week.

We’re still walking a mile a day (weather dependent) so make sure you have your PE kit in school every day. If you’re in Mr Gill’s class, bring a coat, as he’s likely to have a walk round even if it is raining! 4MW also need to remember their swimming things on Wednesday. 

Maths in 4MW will be looking at continuous data, in 4D and 4G will applying mathematical skills to a range of puzzles and problems. Remember to practice your multiplication and division facts until you know them inside out!

In RE, we’ll be studying the 5th pillar of Islam, the Hajj. Perhaps you could think of any places you think are important to visit in your life time?

Year 5

In the penultimate week of this half term (hasn’t it gone fast?), we will be continuing our theme of Alchemy Island through poetry and narrative writing in English. Linked to music we will start to look at song lyrics and how they compare to poetry and their use of language. We will be discovering gemstones hidden on the island and writing mysterious cinquain poems to describe them and what power they may hold!

In science we will, as alchemists, be growing our own crystals and learning about dissolving and evaporation along with related science vocabulary.

In mathematics we will be moving on from fractions to working with decimals to 3 decimal places and solving problems that require knowledge of percentages and decimal equivalents. 

Year 6

A huge well done to our Y6 children who worked tremendously hard last week during their SATS.  They should all be very proud of themselves.

Next week the children will be working creatively on a range of projects including focus work on the Olympics.  Some children will be researching and working statistically in preparation for the upcoming residential visit to London.

To link with the Children’s Festival – Y6 will be beginning their work on the ‘Picture This’ project.


Highest Primary Attendance 14-15

Highest Primary Attendance 14-15

Attendance 14-15

We are pleased to announce that Bramley Sunnyside Junior School achieved the highest end of year attendance out of all the primary schools in Rotherham during 2014-15.

Our end of year attendance was 97.1%.

National average for 2014-15 was 96%

Well done to everyone who was part of this wonderful achievement.


Year 6 SATS

Year 6 SATS

Year 6 SATS

Next week our Y6 children will be taking their end of KS2 SATS.

They have worked very hard this year extending their learning and preparing them for secondary school.

On behalf of the whole school community, we wish them every success next week and into the future.


Childhood dream jobs

Childhood Dream Jobs

dream jobs

This week our children have been thinking all about their dream jobs and what skills they need to have in order to acheive their aspirations.

Just a few of the dreams…

I want to be a vet as I am caring. Y4

I want to be a teacher as I am helpful. Y5

I want to be a scientist as I really love all things about science. Y6

I want to be a painter as I am good at art. Y4

I want to be a baker as I like new foods. Y5

I want to be an olympic athlete as I am fit, sporty and competitive. Y6


Y3 Residential Visit

Y3 Residential Visit

Kingswood Y3

Our Y3 children are heading off to Kingswood for their first Junior School residential visit.

They will be taking part in a range of action packed activities.

Follow us on Twitter @bramleyjunior for regular visit updates.


Week beginning 2-5-16

Let's Learn Together

Year 3

Y3 children are very excited for their residential and after being on a countdown for several months the week has finally arrived! We are looking forward to challenging ourselves to see how high we can climb and learning new skills by doing things we haven’t done before.

The children who are staying in school have an exciting few days planned with Mrs Booth. They will be completing an art project by learning new sewing skills.

After our residential visit, Y3 will be thinking about shape in maths. We will be learning new vocabulary that will enable us to classify 2D shapes in different ways. This will build on our angles learning from last week.

In writing lessons we will be learning how to extend our sentences using conjunctions. This will link to our short Zulu Nation project work.

During RE learning we will be comparing Jewish life to other religions.

We are looking forward to what will be a busy and exciting week.

Year 4

In Y4 next week, there will be more on marvellous mountains, including report writing, using paper and digital maps and atlases, art skills and more.

Maths will look at some spectacular statistics, creating tables, charts and graphs to do with the mountain ranges of the world. 4G will be putting the finishing touches to their work for their Mountain Maths display.

4MW will be swimming and the whole year group will be ready for their rounders, cricket and tennis on Wednesday too.

The science focus continues to be around states of matter and various experiments and investigations are being set up and planned round school around rates of evaporation.

Well done to everyone in the Lion King and only one final performance fro the Infants remains for next week!

Year 5

In Week 5 of this half term Year 5 will be delving deeper into their Alchemy Island topic and studying how to purify liquids through sieving, filtering, evaporating and condensing a mysterious liquid found on the island. Children will be continuing to learn construction techniques through the development of their castles and learn how to add detail, both in texture and colour. These will be photographed with small toy figures to add that sense of scale.

In mathematics we will be moving onto fractions, extending our learning of converting proper and improper fractions and mixed numbers. we will continue to tackle real life problems involving time and timetables in our mental starters.

Literacy next week will be class based where we will be looking at developing our sentences to make them more interesting and informative. We will be applying these skills to our writing which will be in the form of a soliloquy from the Alchemist!

Year 6

Next week we will be:
In Maths we will be focusing on shape and position, looking at translation, interior and exterior angles, co-ordinates and reasoning. In SPaG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) we will be focusing on prefixes, suffixes and root words as well as, synonyms and antonyms and finally taking a look at what standard English encompasses. Furthermore, in reading, we will be further developing our retrieval skills and learning even more about interpreting information.

Don’t forget:
-To bring your PE kits to school – Due to the bank holiday PE will be next Friday.
-Remember to read at home and earn those DOJO points.

We are looking forward too:
-Our visit to London.

We would like to share with our families;
-Thank you once again for your continued support.
-SATs week will be taking place week beginning the 9th May.


Lion King

Lion King

Lion King

A huge congratulations to our Lion King cast, crew and drumming team who performed throughout this week.

The quality of the performance was truly outstanding and was a testament to the commitment and dedication of everyone.

A perfect example of a whole school community working together!

Thank you to The Mayor of Rotherham – Councillor Maggie Clark who joined us for our opening performance.

Letter of thanks received…

Please thank all the Children and Staff involved with the Lion King production.

It was an amazing performance again. I can’t believe the confidence the children have at that age to get up on stage and perform as well as they do.

The only problem is how’s the school going to keep the high standard of performance and costume design it was overwhelming.

All the parents and grandparents I spoke to after the show was very proud and commented on all the hard work that the Children and staff did to pull this off.

Thank you so much for the invite.


Table Tennis Success

Table Tennis Success – U11 Championships

April 16 Lewis E TT

Congratulations to Lewis who competed in Blackpool this weekend.

Having finished in the runner up position twice this season, he took the victory this time finishing in 1st place.

Well done.


The Mighty Zulu Nation

The Mighty Zulu Nation

The Zulu Nation Performance to the whole school


To launch our week of Lion King Performances we have invited The Mighty Zulu Nation into school to work with our children.


The children  have been part of a number of workshops involving singing, dancing and drumming.


They have developed a greater understanding of African Arts.

This is what the children had to say..

 ‘I loved taking part in the dance workshop.’ – Y6

‘I liked watching the men dance, it was the best experience ever.’ – Y6

‘I liked the Mighty Zulu Group, their music was exciting and I enjoyed dancing.’ – Y6

‘The Mighty Zulu Nation are the best drummers, singers and dancers I’ve ever seen.  They were amazing.’ – Y5

‘We enjoyed the Mighty Zulu Nation performance because it was really funny, we liked their tricks and they were so talented.’ – Y5

‘I enjoyed the dancing because it was exciting and they performed cool stunts.’ – Y4

‘I liked the singing and dancing, I also liked the workshop where we got to join in.’ – Y4

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