Google Expedition Roadshow

Google Expedition Roadshow


We are all excited and looking forward to our Google Expedition Roadshow on Friday.  All the children will be involved with a virtual reality headset which will take them deep into some amazing adventures.

Where will they go?

To the bottom of the ocean…

To the top of a skyscraper…

Find out on Friday.


Week beginning 3-1-17



Year 3

After the Christmas break, Y3 will be beginning our new topic – Tremor. This Geography based learning project will explore natural disasters from volcanic eruptions to tsunamis. It will allow children to gain an understanding of how and why these disasters happen.

During literacy, children will be exploring news reports, thinking about verbal and written communication of the news. During SPaG lessons we will be continuing to enjoy SPaG boot camp.

In maths, we will be continuing to explore measuring and extend our learning of length into other forms of measure.

We would like to share our learning from our current topic. Look out for new displays appearing in the year 3 classrooms.

Don’t forget creative homework.

We would like to share how proud we are of how well the Y3 children have settled into the junior school. They have shown amazing enthusiasm for every challenge they have faced.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you a Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Year 4

In our first week of this Spring Term we will be launching into our new topic, the history based ‘I am Warrior’ which is focussed on the Roman invasion of Britain and the reaction of the Celts. We will be setting the scene ready for the visit the following week to out Roman re-enactment experience.

In mathematics we will be starting work on fractions, decimals and percentages. Our science topic is Forces and Magnetism.

In literacy the children will be imagining how it would be to go into battle and learn how  to write a soliloquy about  their feelings and researching the day to day life of the Celts before the Romans came.

Year 5

The Year 5 team would like to wish all our parents and children a Happy New Year.  When we return in the new year, Year 5 will be starting our ‘Stargazers’ topic.  We will be beginning our exploration of the solar system, identifying the different planets and their moons and then calculating their distances from each other.  Statistics will be the base of our maths lessons, learning how to extract data from line graphs.  P.E. kits need to be brought in on the first day back as well as any creative homework.  As always, year 5 will be continuing to work on our handwriting and times tables.  New spellings will be sent home on the first Wednesday back.

Year 6

Next term we will be:

Moving onto our new and exciting creative, cross curricular topic ‘Art Gallery’ where we will be using the art of famous artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso to influence our own artwork.  Furthermore, we will be starting our revision sessions; focusing on maths, reading and SPAG.

Don’t forget:

  • Maths homework goes home on a Monday, to be returned on Thursday.
  • English homework goes home on Thursday to be returned on Monday.

Thank you for attending the Y6 Christmas Carol Concert.  We are proud of each and everyone of the children.

Have a fabulous break and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.


Christmas Time

Christmas Time at BSJS

30th November – Our Christmas Service in school was amazing.

Incredible work from across school showcasing the Christmas Story.









1st December saw all the school trimmings go up around school and in the classrooms.



2nd December saw the reindeer visit us for the day.  The children were enthralled and so excited by their appearance and asked lots and lots of good questions.



2nd December was also the Winter Wonderland


An incredible £977 raised.

Thank you to everyone who supported this evening.

Our choir were in full swing at Morrisons and at the library in Wickersley.  Some incredible comments from the public certainly brought a few tears.



Concerts were an overwhelming success.

Over 640 people came to watch the children and were in awe of their talent and skill.

More precious moments made.


Mary and Joseph visited some of our families and wrote about their experiences in a special diary.


Santa spent every afternoon with us during party week ensuring all children received a special gift.


Every child in school made and took home a special calendar for 2017 and a car to share with families.


Our Christmas celebrations concluded with Christmas Jumper Day along with our yummy Christmas dinner.



Week beginning 5-12-16


Year 3

This week Y3 children are excited to be celebrating Christmas at our Christmas Party on Monday. Don’t forget to wear your party clothes and bring some food to share. Also, continuing with our Christmas theme we will be practising our Christmas production ready to show our families next week. We have our dress rehearsal this week so remember to bring in your required clothes.

In maths learning we will be focusing on measuring lengths. We will be creating our own skeletons linked to science. We need to remember to practice our table facts.

In SPaG lessons we will be thinking about inverted commas and the rules for speech. We will be linking this to Polar Express Learning and showing what we have learned through creative writing.

This week we will be creating our own smoothies in DT lessons. This will express our Scrumdiddlyumptious learning. We hope to create healthy smoothies and incorporate a range of fruits from around the world.

We are looking forward to sharing our nativity play with you all and have been working really hard on this.

Year 4

In the penultimate week of this term Year 4 will be rehearsing for their Christmas performance with the dress rehearsal on Thursday and watching the dress rehearsals of Y3, Y5 and Y6. We are really looking forward to our party on Tuesday afternoon!

In mathematics will be focussing on area as well as reviewing our recent assessments. In science we will be finishing our topic on ‘Electricity’ by making flashing lights with switches.

PE is on Monday for 4J and 4M, 4O will be on Wednesday like last week. 4J have their final swimming session on Thursday…… survival techniques!

Year 5

Next week, year 5 will be continuing to develop our understanding of division by applying our learning to solve real life problems. 

We are looking forward to continuing our work on Ancient Greeks.

Children will continue to practise the Christmas production songs and should be learning their lines ready for performance rehearsals. 

In SPaG lessons children will be continuing to learn adverbs for cohesion.
As always, PE kits need to be in school on Monday ready for our PE lessons on Tuesday.

Reading diaries are collected every Wednesday and team points are awarded for every day reading has taken place.

We are all looking forward to our Christmas party, please can food donations be brought in on Thursday.

Our dress rehearsal is on Wednesday so please can costumes be in school by Monday.

Year 6

Next week we will be:

Sharing our Christmas Carol Concert with the rest of the school and then with our families on Thursday 15th December 2016. We will also be completing our Christmas calendars and Christmas cards. Furthermore, we are very much looking forward to our Christmas party.
Don’t forget:
-PE will take place on Thursday afternoons so therefore please remember your PE kits on this day.
-Homework is sent out on the following days:
Maths – out on a Monday, to be returned on Thursday
English – out on a Thursday, to be returned on Tuesday
-Christmas concert day will be on Thursday 15th December 2016

-Christmas party will be Friday 9th December 2016.

We are looking forward to:

Our Christmas party and concert.

We would like to share with our families:

Thank you for your continued support during the festive season.

Mary and Joseph on their journey

Mary and Joseph on their journey from Bramley to Bethlehem

Courtesy of St Francis’ Church




On Advent Sunday, 27th November, Mary and Joseph will start a journey through our parish. With the goodwill of our community we hope they will find overnight lodgings at schools, care homes, shops, homes along the way. We hope the heavily pregnant Mary and her husband Joseph will receive a warm welcome wherever they journey, and help us all to engage with the real meaning and joy of Christmas.

In going on this journey, we are attempting to capture the essence of the tradition of Posada; which is Spanish for ‘lodging place’. The tradition was introduced into this country and promoted by the Church Army.  Each Advent now, across Britain, small figures of Mary and Joseph travel around communities staying a day and a night with one host before moving on to the next. Benefits include the development of community, awareness of the biblical story of the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and – in a mysterious way – an experience of God’s love and peace that comes from simply having the figures in the home or other space.

The tradition goes back a long way in South American counties, such as Mexico and Guatemala, where for more than 400 years the nine days before the arrival of the newborn Jesus at Christmas have been marked by ceremonies of Las Posadas.

The journey will start on Advent Sunday, with Mary and Joseph departing from church with their first hosts after the all-age service. They will no doubt return to church a few times as they crisscross the parish. I’m sure they will make an appearance in our Christmas services; but we hope to see them in many public spaces. Their ultimate journey’s end will be our Christmas morning service, when two will become three.



Week beginning 28-11-16


Year 3

Next week will see the start of our Christmas themed learning in school and Y3 are really looking forward to some wonderful Christmas crafts.

During topic learning we will be exploring the story of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.  This fabulous tale will enable us to explore inverted commas in narrative as well as learning how to punctuate sentences correctly.  Our writing lessons will be focused on adventure stories.  We can’t wait to hear your snow descriptions.

In numeracy lessons we will be continuing to explore measure – thinking about how to measure the perimeter of 2D shapes.

All our parts for the Christmas play have been given out and we are working hard to learn the songs for our production.  We are looking forward to our families watching our final events.

Christmas post box will be open from 1st December – all cards should be posted there.

Year 4

In the fifth week of our term Year 4 will be completing assessments in mathematics, reading and SPaG in order for us to review our successes since the summer. In literacy we will be writing our ‘Trip Advisor’ reviews of last weeks exciting visit to the Sea Life Centre. Science moves on to testing circuits and making games and rehearsals will continue towards our Christmas performance in the final week of term. Calendars and cards will fill the art sessions too! PE is on Monday afternoon for 4J and 4M with 4J’s penultimate swimming session on Thursday. 4O have PE on Wednesday afternoon.

We are looking forward to trimming up the classrooms and school for Christmas so feel free to pop in on Thursday morning to see a more festive learning environment.

Year 5

Next week, year 5 will be developing our understanding of division by applying our learning to solve real life problems. 

Children are enjoying their Ancient Greeks topic and we will be investigating the Trojan war.

Children will continue to practise the Christmas production songs and should be learning their lines ready for performance rehearsals. 

In SPaG lessons children will be exploring adverbs for cohesion.
As always, PE kits need to be in school on Monday ready for our PE lessons which next week will be on Thursday afternoon.

Reading diaries are collected every Wednesday and team points are awarded for every day reading has taken place.

Year 6

Next week we will be:
Continuing rehearsals for our ‘Christmas Carol Concert’ as well as reviewing our learning so far this academic year. We will also be creating our Christmas cards and calendars. 
Don’t forget:
-PE will take place on Tuesday afternoon next week so therefore please remember your PE kits on this day.

-Homework is sent out on the following days:

Maths – out on a Monday, to be returned on Thursday

English – out on a Thursday, to be returned on Tuesday

We are looking forward too:

-Continuing work on our current topic ‘Frozen Kingdom’ 

-Our Christmas rehearsals

-Completing our Christmas cards and calendars.


Be Bright – Be Seen – Be Safe

Be Bright – Be Seen – Be Safe


Well done to all the children who came to school today – bright and colourful to promote the importance of dressing bright to be seen on dark nights.

Children were creative in their approaches in fluorescent clothing and adored with reflectors.

Elena from Sustrans joined our a special assembly and awarded individual prizes.



Anti-Bullying Week 2016

Anti-Bullying Week 2016

Every child in school worked hard during anti-bullying week.

Our learning culminated in a special assembly that was supported by Ann Foxley-Johnson – anti-bullying ambassador.

Children wrote poems, developed empathetic thinking, wrote diary entries and lots more.


Here I am saving lives,

There’s no need to fear.

If I feel danger is near,

Bat girl will be here.

I am partners with Superman,

Come and watch us make a plan.

Soaring through the night sky,

Villains will have to say good bye.


I will come and save the day,

Soon they will have to pay.

As the danger comes here,

Cat Girl will be near.

I will save you from all trouble,

Even if I get in a muddle.

Swooping through the sky,

Like a bird flying high.

Even if my dreams don’t come true,

I will still believe in you.

Even if I’m late for tea,

I will release the hero in me.


Here we are at Bramley Sunnyside,

Trying to make some changes.

So don’t fear; 6WB is here.

To keep you from dangers.

In class we promise to try our best,

Even in the dreaded SATS

Watch us revise, work hard and learn,

As we wear our learning hats.

To my friend I’ll be so kind,

Offering a helping hand,

We will stick through thick and thin,

So we earn our learner band.

Today is our day to make the world shine,

Are you using your powers?

Because I’m using mine,

Change the world!

Do you think we could?

Of course

Let’s keep using our powers for good.



Power for Good

I have the power to make things right,

I have the power to turn smiles bright,

I have a choice just like you,

How to be and what to do.

My attitude can make you smile or cry,

My thoughts can make you run away or try,

So conquer your fear and make a friend,

And put this nonsense to an end.

We all know that we could,


Some of our amazing work will be displayed in a local exhibition.

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