Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Please access our SEND Report here


Some children have a learning difficulty or disability that makes it harder for them to learn.  These children will need extra help from school for  short time or throughout their time in education.

It is important that we recognise that all children are different and have the right to be supported to acheive their potential.

A child has a Special Educational Need or Disability if they have significantly greater difficulty in learning that the majority of others the same age or have a disability which prevents or hinders their use of the facilities generally provided for their age.

Where to find help and information:

Talk to school (Miss A Abrahams – Acting Assistant Headteacher)

If you think your child might need extra help or support with their education, the first step is to talk to someone in school.  We will listen to your concerns and discuss how we feel we can best help.

Next steps

If we identify, with support from the learning support service, that your child has Special Educational Needs, we will arrange a meeting to discuss what type of support your child might need.

The ‘Local Offer’

You can contact the local authority for information, advice and support about your child’s SEND.  

The ‘School Offer’

The SEND Report

Bramley Sunnyside Junior School SEND report can be accessed from the ‘Click here’ link at the top of this page.  This explains the type of support we provide for children with SEND and details about how we involve children and families.


Please click on the image below to access our SEND Policy

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