Year 4 Summer Term

Summer Term 1

Blood, bones and gory bits

A predominantly science based project

This half term our learning will take on a particularly scientific theme where we will discovering the blood, bones and gory bits that hide beneath our skin!  We will learn about the heart, circulation, the pulse and blood; major organs of the human body and their function in keeping us alive and well; how exercise and a healthy diet keeps the body well and fit; about the digestive system and about how scientific and medical research has changed over time.
Our learning about the particularly gory story of Macbeth will also continue as we begin to put together our production ready for performance.
Practising our drama skills and learning more about – Macbeth.
One proud young lady – showing her postcard home.
Maths skills – working collaboratively – shape work.
Green Welly after school club – planting seeds for the summer.
Look at our amazing mood boards in 4O – art focus around our new project.
Can we eat only using our incisors?
Learning about angles and using a protractor – this is quite tricky.
We learned lots during ‘Diversity Week’ from Stephen and his trainee guide dog puppy – Leo and Ben Sweeney – Paralympic swimming champion. 
Who wants to be a millionaire – SPAG version.
Blood, bones and gory bits home learning and in school learning.


Art work inspired by Quentin Blake.

Year 4 are really enjoying their work with Open Minds Theatre – Macbeth.

Keep working hard Y4 – your commitment and dedication is really showing with your outcomes.

Summer Term 2


A predominantly music based project

Ssh…what’s that noise? A bash? A crash? A shake, a rattle or a low bass hum? Which do you prefer… an acoustic singer or a booming brass band? A solitary voice singing sweetly and quietly or a magnificent choir lifting the roof?
Take out your ear plugs as you journey through the valley of sound

Our final journey this year  will be Playlist.  We will be learning about music, theatre and sound as well as staging our very own performance of Macbeth.

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