Year 6 Autumn Term 2017-18

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Year 6 Autumn Term


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A predominantly science and geography based topic.


One of the most amazing habitats on the planet, rainforests are not only home to an incredible array of animals, they provide us with so many resources.

However, our rainforests are in trouble…

Your mission is to find out why they are so important and what we can all do to help save them.

We’ll be investigating how closely related species have changed over time and adapted to the environment around them in our science lessons.

We’ll also study adaptations with giraffes and okapis, learn about variation and inheritance with our Poison Dart frogs, and explore Natural Selection with our birds and Giant Tortoise. We’ll also be namedropping the main man, Charles Darwin throughout.

We will get to explore our new Islands exhibit using classification keys to investigate the five different vertebrate groups. 

Using our iPads, we challenge you to find vertebrate and invertebrate species and present your discoveries.




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