English Curriculum


Through our creative approach, we aim to enable our children to become confident, keen and capable readers who habitually read a broad range of texts for both pleasure and information.

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Our Writing Intent

At our school, we aim to equip all children with the skills needed to become confident writers within all genres. 
We inspire a passion for writing across the curriculum by providing opportunities for our children to embrace new and engaging creative writing projects, in which they are encouraged to build their vocabulary and draw upon their own reading to create pieces appropriately suited for a variety of audiences and purposes.


Our accedited writing subject leader - Chloe Buckley - has worked hard with our reading lead - Jade Hammond - to sequence together a reading and writing curriculum:

Our English Curriculum Overview 2023 - 2024

Chloe has developed a progressive writing curriculum for each year group:

Whole School Writing Progression Document 2023 - 2024

Y3 - Journey & The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark Unit Overview for Autumn I

Y4 - Varjak Paw Unit Overview for Autumn I

Y5 - Wonder Unit Overview for Autumn I

Y6 - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Unit Overview for Autumn I

Carefully considering her vision and expectations for how our writing curriculum should be implemented:

Writing and GPS Lesson Expectations 2023 - 2024

Below are example lesson structures for each year group so that all teachers delivering our English curriculum have a clear understanding of expectations:

Example Lesson - Discussion Text Writing Unit - Willy Wonka's Factory

Example Lesson - Instructional Writing - Chocolate Lollies (including lolly making)



Genre Progression with GPS Overview 2023-24

Whole School GPS Progression 2023-24