Geography Curriculum


At Bramley Sunnyside we believe that an enriching geography curriculum will develop our pupils’ curiosity about the world and its people. ​

​We aim to offer opportunities for children to develop an understanding of the human and physical world they live in. ​

​It is our intention that Geography will promote understanding of children’s place in the world, and their rights and responsibilities. ​

​We encourage the children to ask questions about the world and provide opportunities for them to develop geographical skills and knowledge.

Emily leads geography in our school and has used the Chris Quigley scheme as a basis to shape our wn curriculum. Below are the substantive and disciplinary concepts for geography:
These concepts are interwoven into our geography long-term and medium term plans.
Emily has focused upon each unit to develop detailed medium term plans for each unit, complete with the enquiry question, expected learning intentions and assessment opportunities. This enables there to be a progressive sequence and consistency.