Behaviour and Reward System

Behaviour and Reward System


What the children think…

‘I am looking forward to getting my first Yellow Band’ Y3

‘Every day is a new start and we always go back to the middle – ready to learn.’ Y4

‘This system is so much better as you can step up as well as down.’ Y5

‘This system really allows the children who work hard all the time to be clearly recognised.’ Y6

This is how it works…

Every child has a smiley chart and in every class there is a new behaviour ladder to climb.

behaviour ladder


Every day the children start the day ‘Ready to learn.’

Throughout the day the children can move up or down the ladder depending on their ‘Learning Behaviour’

If by the end of the day the child has reached and maintained on ‘Outstanding’ then they receive a smiley on their chart.

Aim to receive the following awards during your time here at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School.


During the first year aim to achieve your yellow, blue and green learner bands.


During the second year aim to achieve your bronze, silver and gold stars.


During the third year aim to achieve your yellow, blue and green shields.


During the fourth year aim to achieve your bronze, silver and gold ‘always learning’ bands.




Children will be given a non-verbal prompt if they are showing that they are not ‘Ready to Learn’.

Children will be moved to ‘Think about it’ if their learning behaviour is not in line with age related expectations.  At this point, the majority of children then make the right choice and are once again ‘Ready to Learn’

If this move is not enough to re-focus on learning and the child will move down to ‘Playtime Sanction.’

Again, if this does not motivate the child to refocus and make the right choices then they will move down to ‘Lunchtime Sanction.’


Playtime / Lunchtime sanctions – these are supported by a member of staff.  The time a child is kept in for varies to meet the needs of each and every individual. 


In addition to the classroom behaviour and reward system, we have continued with our Whole School Team Point System.

This rewards children for following our school rules.  

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