Our Science Curriculum

2023 - 2024


At Bramley Sunnyside Junior School we aim to develop children's love and curiosity for science. We aim to inspire the children to have an appreciation that science, and the laws of it, contribute to all aspects of our everyday lives. Our curriculum is planned to promote hands on learning to equip our children with the scientific skills which are needed. 

Zoe Elliott has created the following document to show the sequence and progression of our science curriculum:

Science Progression Document

Our one-page profile for science evidences Zoe's vision for science and the expectations for implementation across KS2.

Zoe has taken each unit for every year group and broken it down further into the key learning, considering prior and future knowledge, key questions and vocabulary. Each unit is progressed lesson-by-lesson with links to useful resources, scientists and literacy texts.

We expect children to have subject overviews at the start of each unit in their books so that they can understand what they are learning about and have a reference point for key vocabulary and objectives.

As part of our assessment, all children complete a Knowledge Harvet at the start of each unit to assess their knowledge so teachers can tailor teaching and learning to individual needs. They are also used at the end of the unit to contribute towards teacher judgements also.