Who’s Who

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Come and meet the staff at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs H Headleand – Headteacher

Mrs L Robson – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Woolley-Buckley – Assistant Headteacher

Miss A Abrahams – Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo

Mrs L Jepson – Maths Lead

Mrs J Hammond – Pupil Premium Lead

Class Teachers

Mr M Dawson – 3D

Miss E Oxborough – 3O

Miss D Jacobs – 3J

Mr R Jackson – 4J

Miss H Saynor – 4S

Mr P Mangham – 4M

Miss A Abrahams and Mrs L Woolley – 5AW

Mrs V Divit – 5D

Mrs J Hammond – 5H

Miss D Green – 6G

Miss L Jepson – 6J

 Mrs S McVeigh – 6M

Office Staff

Mrs H Pearce – School Business Manager

Mrs B Briddock – Admin and Finance Manager

Site Supervisor

Mr I Price

Senior Support Staff

Mrs G Ashton – Pastoral and Inclusion Support Mentor

Mrs S Booth – Sports Coordinator

Mrs S Davis – HLTA

Mrs F Woolhouse – HLTA

Mrs H Yellowley – HLTA

Miss F Pearson – HLTA

Support Staff

Miss S Ashton – Teaching Assistant

Mr B Barlow – Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Booth – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Bradbury – Teaching Assistant

Mr D Brown – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Callear – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L France – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Plant – Teaching Assistant

Miss E Shaw – Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Simpson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Slack – Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Stancliffe – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Steedon – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Underwood – Teaching Assistant

Miss M Wilkinson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Woodcock – Teaching Assistant

School Meals Supervisory Assistant

Miss Y Casterton

Mrs M Richardson

Mrs S Stringwell

Ms Z Gunn

Miss S Holford

Mrs J Jennings

Mrs C Cartwright

Mrs J Kilcommons

Mrs C Horton

Mrs K McCusker

Mrs A Keeling

Kitchen Staff

Mrs A Pemberton – Cook in Charge

Mrs B Lightfoot – Assistant Cook

Mrs L Greenway

Mrs L Myers

Mrs C Swift

Mrs C Stewart

Mrs M Wild

Mr G Temperton

Crossing Patrol

Mrs C Brittle

ICT Support

Mr S Liversidge

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