Year 6 Summer Term 2017-18

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Year 6 Summer Term

Uncover a world of chocolate delights in our new topic: Chocolate World.

We will bring our topic to life with a DT project based on designing our very own chocolate bar. This will consist of carrying out research (linking to our maths curriculum of statistics and data), planning our new and exciting chocolate bars (after tasting a few – of course) and even creating the packaging – making sure they are the most eye-catching bars on the shelves. We will even be confidently pitching our creative treats to adults, who will then decide a winner!


In addition to this, we will be following the cocoa bean on its journey through history. First being used as a bitter drink enjoyed by The Mayans and Aztecs.


We will also be discussing the role of Cocoa Life and Fairtrade and why this is important to us today, plus reflect on some of the iconic Cadbury advertisements as students look at the role of packaging.


As we all know, these tasty treats must be eaten in moderation, so throughout Science lessons we will be looking at balanced diets and how to stay healthy.


The doors of Chocolate World are opening very soon…

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