Curriculum Statement

Rationale for curriculum design

This rationale and curriculum aims have been created in consultation with all stakeholders of the school; it has been designed not only to provide breadth of knowledge and progression of skills across KS2, but to prepare our children for KS3 and beyond following the National Curriculum.

It is our vision that at BSJS we come together as a school community to make exciting discoveries, whilst seeking answers to the questions about ourselves and the world in which we live:

Learning today for a brighter tomorrow; our leaders of the future.

We empower all of our children to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social and physical well-being through a creative curriculum for excellence.

At BSJS we value respect, collaboration, creativity, resilience, responsibility and independence which are interwoven into our exciting and engaging curriculum, fostering a love of learning built on these skills for life.

Our inclusive curriculum aims to be ambitious and challenging for all children in school, created with a carefully sequenced and progressive programme of study across all subjects.

Curriculum Intent:

  • We want our children to be excited and eager to learn, being pioneers of their own learning and building skills to work together.
  • We use the national curriculum guidelines in order to develop creative, relevant and inspiring learning opportunities with purposeful outcomes that they care about achieving.
  • We aim to meet the diverse needs of all our learners, challenging them and enabling them to problem solve and undertake learning at a deeper level, whilst taking into consideration their holistic needs.
  • We want our children to be confident in sharing their learning with their peers, their families and the wider community and to learn from others.
  • We want our children to appreciate the benefits of cultural diversity, having a sense of who they are and being able to reflect on their own identity, to then be able to view the world and respect the diverse world in which we live.
  • We aim to provide a rich ‘cultural capital’ (background knowledge of the world children need to infer meaning from what they read.) to help our children express themselves in a mature way.


How will this excellence be achieved?

We will begin by having a secure knowledge of the children who make up our Bramley Sunnyside Junior School community; understanding their needs, interests and aspirations.

  • Quality first learning opportunities rooted on a clear understanding of cognition and varying learning needs and abilities of children will be consistently in place; ensuring an accessible and inclusive curriculum.
  • Adults will have a good knowledge of all children informing groupings, teaching styles and classroom organisation.
  • Interventions will be appropriately planned, delivered and evaluated to enhance all children’s capacity to access the full curriculum.
  • Teachers will have progressive and deep subject knowledge across the broad curriculum ably supported by experienced subject leaders.
  • Feedback will be responsive to outcomes within each lesson
  • Through an effective partnership with our families and wider community, broadening opportunities.
  • The classroom environment will help support, celebrate and motivate children within their learning.
  • High expectations of behaviour and attitudes to learning.
  • Assessment and moderation will form part of an ongoing curriculum review ensuring high levels of accountability.
  • Senior leaders of the school will consistently check the implementation of the curriculum through well planned monitoring and evaluation; disseminating this to all stake holders to plan for the future.
  • Reading and maths are key drivers, which are interwoven across all aspects of learning in order to provide the essential skills required to access the breadth of the curriculum.


How will we know our curriculum is successful?

  • Children will make progress in line with or above national expectations, they are given opportunities to access the greater depth standard.
  • Attainment gaps between specific groups will be diminished.
  • Children will be confident, successful learners demonstrating our school learning values and making the right choices both in school and within the local community.
  • Children will enjoy learning and coming to school, having a healthy mind, a healthy body and articulating why this is important.
  • Assessment and review documentation will show knowledge and learning life skills are embedded throughout the curriculum.
  • All leaders, including governors of the school, will understand and be able to articulate the impact of the well planned curriculum on children’s achievements and rates of progression.



Maths at Bramley is fun, practical and real! Children are taught the fundamental skills in an engaging way through the entire curriculum. Where possible, real-life contexts are used, so children understand how they can apply the skills they learn.

Currently, we are starting to implement a mastery approach to maths; giving children the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding. This means children spend longer on each aspect of maths and are encouraged to articulate their learning through problem solving.  Our annual maths week is always a huge success along with our parents versus children maths events. 



 Our aim is to strive for an enriched science curriculum that provides opportunities for practical lessons on a weekly basis. Our children are open to a wide variety of topics that support their curiosity for learning.  The curriculum aims to broaden the children’s scientific view of the world around them, whilst promoting a love for enquiry and wanting to explore new things. 



English is at the heart of our creative curriculum – a key priority to progressing learning and raising standards. Our school promotes a love of reading – creating meaningful links to writing and SPaG. It strives to progress all children, bespokely meeting individual needs, as well as opening doors beyond. English is effectively linked to our passion for the arts, inspiring imaginations to develop our rich language and communication skills. It is an embedded tool within our exciting curriculum, valuing and excelling all learners.



We believe the ability to use computing skills effectively and safely is an essential life skill in modern society. As computing is continually developing and new technologies emerging, we, as a school will strive to give all pupils the skills needed to prepare them for the future.  We teach our children about the importance of E-Safety.  Our annual e-safety week consolidates the importance of keeping our children safe online.

Design and Technology and Art


 We believe both design technology and art are inspiring, creative and imaginative subjects.  Our children have the opportunity to design, make and evaluate products within a variety of real life contexts against a set of agreed criteria.  We encourage children to apply learning from other curriculum areas whilst striving to become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens of the future.  We develop art skills throughout years 3 – 6 encouraging pupils to master skills in different mediums.  Our displays in school celebrate many creative outcomes.



We believe that learning a modern foreign language is important to all children, to support their communication skills when abroad, but also to allow them to understand how the English language is structured. Spanish, as a widely spoken language, aims to provide our children with the confidence in speaking, through different strategies, including drama.

Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education at our school is provided in accordance with the Rotherham agreed syllabus.  We aim to provide experiences that allow the children to understand a range of religions and world views, and to be able to use this knowledge to reflect upon and express their own ideas and beliefs.  Through the teaching of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism, they discover, explore and consider many different answers to questions; through this they learn to disagree respectfully and to be reasonable in their responses to religions and world views.  Religious teaching provides a range of opportunities for the children to learn from first hand experiences, including visits to religious buildings and close links with our local church – St Francis.  Children are given opportunities to discuss their ideas and express their own views through stimulating and creative experiences.

Through RE teaching we also encourage the children to engage with ideas about British values, such as tolerance and respect for others, which are delivered across all curriculum areas. 



History is an exciting journey into the past.  Here at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School, we provide a curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum that is strongly linked to an in-depth topic theme.  We aim to provide experiences: through visits, artefacts, drama and various media to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the pupils.  Our curriculum aim is to broaden and deepen the children’s historical understanding.  This will allow them to draw on their learning to compare and contrast modern and historical events.  The children will then be able to confidently speak about events in history and be able to place them in time. 



We believe that an enriching geography curriculum is essential to provide our children with the opportunity to explore and understand the world around them, both locally and globally.  Our aims for geography are: to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of their local environment and places in the world and increase children’s knowledge and awareness of other cultures.  This allows children to learn key skills, including how to use, annotate and develop a sense of enquiry and how to present their conclusions in the most appropriate way.



At Bramley Sunnyside we believe every child should be equipped with skills for everyday life and therefore we strive to provide children with a diverse education. This is achieved through the teaching of PSHE which incorporates a cross curricular link throughout school with an age appropriate theme. Together with carefully planned lessons, we incorporate a range of pre-accredited schemes to enable the children to experience these situations in a first-hand environment. Alongside this, we welcome professionals from a range of organisations to provide support for staff and to educate our young people further.



Our sporting vision for Bramley Sunnyside Junior School is to increase and inspire the participation of all children in PE and sports and to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.  ‘Sport for all’ will contribute to creating a safe and nurturing environment which allows children to learn, excel and achieve.  All children are entitled to benefit from high quality PE provision and there is significant evidence to show that this supports other learning across the curriculum. It also contributes to healthy and active lifestyles, improves emotional well-being, reduces poor behaviour, increases attendance and develops key skills such as leadership, confidence, social and team building skills.

Our sport for all approach will provide opportunities for our children to become confident and physically literate, supporting their health and fitness. Promoting competitive sport for all children will gain and embed values such as fairness, respect and perseverance, developing essential future life skills, enabling happy children to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Sport funding will enable school to make sustainable changes by employing coaches and sporting professionals to help children to excel in a broad range of physical activities. Therefore all children will have the ability and confidence to be physically active for sustainable periods of time and all staff able to enthuse, motivate and inspire them to achieve their very best. High quality PE curriculum will develop physical literacy and will allow children to learn about themselves, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-expression and concepts such as fair play and respect. It also contributes to the development of a range of important cognitive skills such as decision making and analysis, and social skills such as teamwork and communication.



Children at Bramley Sunnyside have the opportunity to develop their confidence in music through a variety of exciting experiences.  They will develop their appreciation of music, exploring how they respond physically, intellectually and emotionally to music from a wide range of times and cultures.  We will learn about great composers in history and their influences on the music of today.

Playing instruments will increase confidence, skill and expression as well as giving opportunities to perform in groups and class performances.  They will also be supported in developing their musical experiences outside of the classroom through the provision of music lessons and the chance to participate in performing arts clubs, instrument clubs and the choir.

All year groups in school have the opportunity to attend our local church St Francis’ in Bramley.  This includes Harvest and Easter Services.

Our Choir attends the church to sing at Summer and Christmas Fayres and at other Christmas celebrations.

Regular visits by the local Vicar take place in school, this supports and enhances our Collective Worship.

The following information sets out the principles underpinning the curriculum and reflects the school’s commitment to developing all aspects of our children.

We aim for our children to:

  • Develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning.
  • Be equipped with the skills to fully engage in an ever changing technological world.
  • Be respectful and considerate pro-active members of the school and wider community.
  • Have high expectations and self-belief to enable them to fulfil their potential.
  • Become reflective thinkers and learners and seek to extend themselves, mentally, physically, creatively and spiritually.
  • Uphold a ‘Have a Go’ attitude and approach to their learning. 

Curriculum Enhancement

Our curriculum is enriched by visits and visitors to school whenever possible.  

We provide all children in school with opportunities for residential visits extending from 1 night to a full week away. 

There are opportunities for the children to take on class and whole school responsibilities.  

Each class has children who have monitor roles and across the school we have school counsellors, house captains, reading ambassadors and much more. 

Focus Weeks

Some aspects of the curriculum are delivered through focus weeks and days. Such themes include:  Book week, maths week and others. 

Extended School Opportunities

The school offers a variety of clubs for children to take part in during, before and after school.   

The Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body must consider and agree the curriculum, monitor and review its implementation and impact on learners. 

The Role of the Headteacher

The Headteacher decides with the staff in the school how the curriculum will be developed and monitored throughout each academic year. Consideration is given to:  year groups, comparisons against local and national averages, gender, ethnicity and children with special educational needs or disabilities. 

The Role of the SEND Co-ordinator

The SEND Coordinator ensures that as a school, all of our appraoches are in line with the duties specified in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. For further information, please refer to the SEND Report 2020.

The Role of the Class Teachers

The teachers have a responsibility to deliver the agreed curriculum through careful planning, teaching and evaluation.  Flexibility and consideration is always given to the needs and interests of the children within each cohort.

Teachers in each year group meet on a weekly basis to consider the delivery of the curriculum, continuity and issues of progression.  Each teacher has the responsibility to lead or be part of a curriculum team.  This involves monitoring the effectiveness of the provision within this area and reporting this information to the Headteacher and Governing Body.



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