Relgious Education Curriculum

2023 - 2024


At Bramley Sunnyside Junior School we provide engaging opportunities for children to independently and collaboratively explore, understand and appreciate a variety of religious values and practices. These learning opportunities enable children to develop and confidently apply the use of an important life skill - being respectful towards and appreciating others’ thoughts, opinions and values.

Mrs Hughes incorporates the Rotherham Agreed Syllabus into our BSJS curriculum


The long term overview shows how RE is carefully sequenced to allow detailed coverage and progression across year groups


Key concepts run throughout the curriculum


A more detailed long term plan has been put in place by Mrs Hughes that identifies specific objectives to be taught by each year group


Religious events are mapped and celebrated throughout the school year


For each year group, a medium term plan is in place to identify the key questions and concepts for the topic


To read more about RE at BSJS click on the link below to access the detailed sbject leader report