Our Inclusive Approach


Our approach to teaching children on the SEND register:

In accordance with the ‘code of practice,’ we set very high expectations at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School. All staff working with children and young people with SEN or disabilities include everyone in every opportunity available, so that all of our children can achieve to their full potential. We ensure this by differentiating our curriculum, offering adult support, with further bespoke learning opportunities and by using relevant resources.

We have extremely dedicated staff who offer 1:1 support for children with specific learning needs and those who have received support from Learning Support Services (LSS). Class teachers work collaboratively with LSS to tailor teaching and additional support towards filling identified gaps. We actively promote positivity and praise and believe that this enables every child to see the very best in themselves.

How we evaluate the effectiveness of provision in place for pupils on the SEND register:

Once a child has been identified as having a SEND need, class teachers will regularly assess learning progress throughout the academic year. These may include interventions such as: 1:1 support, specific targeted programmes or pastoral support for any child who is working below age related expectations or who hasn’t made the expected progress. After a minimum of 6 weeks, these interventions can then be evaluated and the impact analysed – this will then help to see if the specific form of intervention is appropriate for the child in question.


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