Our Reading Curriculum


Teachers select a quality collection of age appropriate and increasingly challenging texts using reading age or lexile measure.  The spine represents our school community as well as the diverse world. it includes both modern and classic texts across a broad range of text genres, styles and narrative structures and types of non-fiction.


Each year group has carefully mapped out their reading choices to meet the needs of the children.


Lessons follow a clear structure that allows children to revist and recap on previous learning.


In our lessons, we implement a range of reading strategies in order to boost achievment for all learners.


The teaching of phonics should be matched to the children’s current level of skill in terms of their phonemic awareness and their knowledge of letter sounds and patterns. (EEF, 2021)


This is an example of phonics in action:

Extra provision is provided for any child working below ARE – not just the lowest 20%. We do this through:


We promote a love of reading using a range of strategies, including:

Our reading subject leader report can be seen in full by following the link below: