Our Inclusion Team

My name is Mrs Woolley and I have worked at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School for over 20 years, having a wealth of experience, teaching many of our wonderful children.s_1_.png

I am very passionate about providing every child with a creative and engaging education and am thrilled to have been successfully appointed as our new SENDCo. I am committed to helping every child to reach their full potential and to find their moment to shine.

Working collaboratively with our children, you as parents/carers, staff in school and wider professionals I ensure that our day-to-day provision for our children with additional SEND needs is inclusive to their individual needs.

As well as overseeing the day-to-day teaching, I also hold termly meetings to evaluate children's progress and targets to ensure that all children have the same opportunities to flourish.

I look forward to working in partnership with you; please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns.

Mrs Ashton (Pastoral, Inclusion and Support Manger) offers pastoral support to children and their families.
She has a wealth of experience and has helped families through turbulent times such as: bereavement, illness, change to family circumstances or friendship issues.
She also leads ‘Lego Therapy’ sessions to equip children with conflict resolution techniques.


Mrs Yellowley (Inclusion Specialist) works on a 1:1 basis with children who require pastoral support around anxiety or anger using recommendations from the educational psychology department.
Mrs Yellowley uses cognitive behaviour therapy techniques to equip children with practical strategies and coping mechanisms.
Mrs Yellowley is now an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant too, enhancing her emotional and behavioural work for children with additional needs or who are going through difficult time.


Mrs Davis (Art Specialist) delivers weekly art therapy sessions as well as a daily nurture registration group.

These calm and nurturing sessions help children to manage behaviours, process feelings, reduce stress and anxiety and increase self-esteem.


Mrs Stancliffe is also an accredited Emotional Literacy Support Assistant as well as being trained for children who have or who are experiencing trauma.


Mr Barlow (Sports and Learning Coach) runs our weekly inclusive PE sessions as well as early morning boxercise classes.

These popular early morning sessions help to set children on the right path for the day and also help them to set goals, focus and build confidence whilst developing discipline and respect.


Miss Green (Teacher and Mental Health First Aider) leads our whole school PSHE scheme (Jigsaw) and has recently received the ‘Mental Health First Aider’ accreditation.

Miss Green also facilitates our children’s team of Mental Health and Well-being Ambassadors who leads many initiatives across school.