Our Remote Education Offer

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This offer is designed to help parents or carers understand how Bramley Sunnyside Junior School will provide remote education for our children who are not able to attend school.

Through a mixture of live and pre-recorded lessons, we will teach the same curriculum remotely, as we do in school. This will ensure that there is a consistency between the children who are learning remotely and the children who are in school.

This will be hosted via a Microsft 365 account. Your class teacher will be able to share your log-in details via Class Dojo. Please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any questions with using your child’s Mircosoft 365 and Teams account.

There are some support documents to help you too:

How to Upload a Document from a Device

Assignments on Microsoft Office

To Upload an Image as an Assignment  

Below are some YouTube videos that you may also find useful:

Installing Teams

Teams for IOS (Apple)

Assignment Guide

Accessing Remote Education:

How will my child access any online remote education you are providing?

  • Daily assignments will be set on Dojo which could include live teaching via Microsoft Office 365, where the children can access word documents to complete their learning. These will be re-saved to their individual user account, where the teacher will provide, at least weekly, feedback and assess the progress being made.
  • All work will be linked to our planned and sequenced, broad curriculum.
  • A daily and child-friendly timetable will be used to outline the intended learning.
  • There will be a mixture of live and recorded lessons across the key stage from our teaching team, including the use of further high-quality links and videos. These will provide a greater clarity for the children learning at home.
  • Opportunities for the children to come together to ‘hang-out’ and have mini-class celebrations, from a well-being and social aspect.

If my child does not have digital or online access at home, how will you support them to access remote education?.

  • Offer to print off materials needed if they do not have online access.
  • Offer for parents/carers to return work to their teachers for feedback and marking.

Engagement and Feedback:

As part of our remote education offer, it is important that children continue to follow the same expectations that they would adhere to in school when online. This will also enable our children to gain the most benefit from our online learning provision. 

During live online sessions, we ask for parents and carers to be in the vicinity, either in the room or a nearby room, with the door open; however, not to join the online sessions with their child. Teaching sessions are for children only. But there may be instances where children do require support.

This is supported by our Code of Conduct for Children Accessing Online Sessions and our BSJS Remote Education Offer

Please remember to follow us on Twitter @BramleyJunior and Class Dojo to post photos of your remote learning. We check this regularly love to see what you have been up to.

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